Battle with the mad monks - aftermath

Monk 1: 4 rings, 1 tonfa, 1 parchment note (unknown language), 1 pouch (60 p.t.), 1 pouch (mixed foreign specie), 5 eyebrow rings (unknown black metal, left side), 8 shuriken.
Monk 2 (mage): black metal/ceramic choker (magical), staff with fire opal, 1 ring (apparently nonmagical). Covered in tattoos, runes.
Monk 3 (bodyguard): 2 eyebrow rings (right side), armband of the same material as the mage’s choker, bandolier of 10 vials of alimentic metals (sorium, 7th lvl) and 3 vials of unknown cyan liquid, 1 pouch (10 p.t., 6 g.t.), 1 pouch mixed foreign specie, longbow, 8 arrows, 2 daggers, arm bracer. Heavily scarred from past battles.

Chuck the survivor’s tale: hired with a crew of 30, trained to sail and make night raids. Taken to sea and introduced to the Man in Black. Traveled to a bay in Calais, midnight raid through a Ghezel fleet to the shore amid a Ghezel religious ceremony; delivered the man alone, who returned after some time. Fled with the Ghezel fleet in pursuit. Man in Black had the War Chief’s token, allowing safe passage in other ports. Holed up here in the cavern for about a week, preparing for the monks’ arrival. Obvious that the Man in Black was working for them. Cleaned up the temple, waiting for the Man in Black to finish his business. Hoped to leave in a day or so.

We spare Chuck. He asks to journey with us and we permit him, after interrogating him under a truth spell. He unlocks the gates to the storage cavern, full of valuable trade goods. We grab a couple small chests of gems (1500 g.t.), Chuck locks the place back up.

The “Fang sensor” indicates the Man in Blank may have fled through the back caverns…



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