Episode 1: The Flower of Hyrada

Having reached candidacy at the University of Shyr, Palaios and Brother Zoltan are dispatched as a Candidate Company to investigate the the case of the Duke of Hyrada’s missing daughter Merris.

They find that there was some relationship between Merris and Wes, the jeweler’s son. They find out from Wes’ twin Ainlynn that Merris was to meet Wes at a known lovers spot called the Grotto.

The PC’s investigate the grotto with Merris’ personal guard Nigel. Zoltan’s attention is drawn by the trace of magical glow from his detect magic spell and find the body of a dead Merris. Nigel takes her body back to the keep while the company continues the investigation.

They run across a grate that covers a hole leading to a cavern below. Upon close inspection the grate had arcane runes around its sides. They pursue the magical glow into the caverns below and are ambushed by three darklings. In their first real engagement they work in tandem to dispatch the foes in dramatic fashion as Palaios’ flame strike exploded the last of darklings.

They are in a conical cavern that features ledges leading up to a small opening at the ceiling 200’ above.



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