Episode 3: And then there were 3

After leaving the secret entrance to The Grotto and fighting the thugs placed to guard the exit, Pelaios and Brother Zoltan found themselves in the company of the castle Guard. Among them was Nigel, they all approached the adventurers and were told, most of, what happened inside of The Grotto.

Nigel, Brother Zoltan, and Pelaios all returned to Castle Hyrada with the thugs Caleb and Fred. There they were taken to the Duke and Pelais and Zoltan both recounted to the Duke what had happened inside The Grotto. After the Duke sent the thugs to the work hard labor they were in the privacy of the Dukes’ Study. There they went more into detail about what happened and what was found. When all was recounted the Duke made both Pelaios and Zoltan swear on pain of death to never speak of what was found in the cave system.

When the meeting with the Duke was done, the adventurers left his study and found waiting for them was Master Iban and Toran. A Warlock that was sent to help Pelaios and Brother Zoltan. All three went to an Inn to relax and inform of Toran of the events that had happened.

After much food and drink the adventurers went to the Guild House to sleep. After waking in the morning and eating breakfast they talked to Nigel, after he came to the Guild House, to tell them that about 20 people went missing. They were informed that disappearances have started happening more and more lately. Toran talked to Master Iban and through some investigating found that all the people missing were charges that were supposed to be sent to the Guild. Upon discovery the adventurers decided to go investigate The Tinker more.



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