Episode 4: The Candidates Acquire a "Gnomesis"

The party begins the episode still in the Guild complex, making preparations to further investigate the students’ disappearances.

Master Iban reveals that the gem Caleb the thug wore in a pouch around his neck was a magical item of domination. Linked with another item possessed by …? Allows telepathic communication between possessor and enthralled individual. Now in Guild possession, ensconced in lead box.

Master Iban receives a scroll from a rider, stating: Zoltan the Younger, heir of Brightforge (his father is the High King of all dwarves), has claimed exclusive rights to his name, and ordered Brother Zoltan to change his. Zoltan agrees, but will take some time to choose his new identity.

Master Iban gives us 3 potions of haste/healing.

Zoltan prays over his name situation, receives the guidance: “seek the Silver Fist”

The party acquires some items (Toran intimidates the shopkeeper into a massive discount), then heads towards the Tinker’s house. On the way they meet a guard watching the area who reports that the Tinker arrived home ~3 hrs ago.

The party splits up to investigate the Tinker’s property. The find a well, down which they hear the muffled cries of struggling captives. They also investigate a barn, inside which is a shady creature who avoids light and sneaks off through a hidden door. The party decides to head down the well, hoping to achieve surprise. They clumsily fail (Toran gets to ask Zoltan, “Tell me how my ass tastes”), and end up in a full-on confrontation with the Tinker and his minions, who are attempting to drag three captives (Wes and two girls) through a portal.

The party slays one minion and the Tinker’s summoned creatures, and Toran heroically overcomes the Tinker’s magical domination (brought on by Toran’s heroic decision to pick up a shiny platinum piece the Tinker threw at his feet). However, the Tinker and one minion manage to escape through the portal, dragging Wes with them. The portal vanishes, leaving behind only the Tinker’s mocking laughter and our battered, but still standing, heroes… now nursing a murderous grudge against their new gnomish nemesis, aka: THE GNOMESIS



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