Episode 6: The Carriage on Fire

Note to self: avoid quicklings

Kurgaz, a Dragonborn Barbarian, that has been put on a security detail for the peace keeping emissary between them and the Dwarves stays at an inn in Hyrada. While he is there he overhears some Guild Initiates talking about things called Darklings and how one of the Initiates was almost killed by a Gnome. Thinking it unfathomable that three people could be stopped by a Gnome.

While he is at the inn he comes down from his room and in barges Borak Darkblood and demands to talk to Kurgaz. Borak informs Kurgaz that they will not be paid for the trip to Hyrada, since they did not do any work. He suggests that he stay in Hyrada and try to make a name for himself to earn some coin.

Brother Kazimir approaches Kurgaz to attempt to get him to join the Candidate Company, knowing full how that the Dragonborn will want to be paid. Pelaios buys the party breakfast so that the company can discuss his terms on joining the party. Kurgaz is willing to join the hunt of The Tinker so long as he get his pay cut, before the guild takes their share.

Kurgaz meets with Master Iban and agrees to join the party with a ¼ cut before the rest of the Candidate company pays theirs. After that agreement, the party takes the newly brewed potions from Iban along with a questionnaire about the potion. Toran reads the book that was found in The Tinkers’ hut that contained an unknown language and some runes. The book was talking about marshes that are on the morning side of the Great Deep.

The company learns that Baron Gregor has control of Forks, he is also allied with the Duke and Yvarnon. Iban informs them that Bramble is the guild caretake in Forks. The Candidate company then teleported to outside of Forks in the middle of a plateau. They see two farmers in the distance, Brother Kazimir then ran up to them and talks to them about where Forks is.

The Company is just West of Forks, they decide to proceed at a normal pace. After they start walking Kurgaz smells something that makes him think of wood and pine tar. The Company rushes forward to the fire after Toran magically creates somewhat functional telescope to see a box looking thing.

After the battle that ensued on the plateau the two humans were both to be found to have a tattoo of the Rune that was in the portal circle. Nothing else was found after the battle.



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