Exploration and pursuit

Exploring the cavern and crypt; back to sea

Monk 1: 1 magical finger ring; eyebrow rings are magical but unfamiliar
Monk 2: choker is very strong magic, again unfamiliar; staff is magical
Monk 3: eyebrow rings, again; armband.

Gregor makes sketches of our deceased foes. Chuck and I investigate the crypt structure, which is covered in pictographs telling the story of Grin (adventurer who explored where he shouldn’t, fought with and killed a god). Inside, a desk with shipping manifests in a foreign tongue, shipments to Aquesta and Tur Delfor. Also, sleeping quarters presumably for the monks. Find a magical black pearl in a lead-lined box.

Follow the cavern passageway outside. Chuck triggers a trap and dies a fiery death. We exit the cavern to observe that the Man in Black appears to have fled on horseback in the direction of Vernes. We make our way back to the ship that brought us here, book passage to Vernes for 9 gp + 9 more on arrival.



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