Brother Kazimir

Dwarven Cleric of St. Bane


Portly, tall for a dwarf, blonde with green eyes, sporting laugh lines where most dwarves have furrowed brows. Usually clothed in well-worn chainmail and the red & gold vestments of Saint Bane. Carries a heavy shield, war trident, and a net. Irrepressibly jolly; nothing can shake his optimistic attitude.


Kazimir was orphaned as an infant and raised by human monks at a temple of St. Bane – a rural outpost of monks dedicated to the Order of St. Bane the Redeemer. The monks named him Zoltan, a name that stuck for several years until a fellow dwarf of the highest blood claimed exclusive rights to the name. The young cleric then chose the name Kazimir, after the famed dwarven priest who had been one of the first followers of St. Bane himself.

The monks raised Kazimir with love and a firm hand, teaching him the martial and divine magical arts of the St. Bane faith. However, they could shed no light on his background or how he came to be at the temple, and Kazimir himself has no memories of life before the temple. The monks taught Kazimir the mother tongue of his people, but the young cleric has met very few of his fellow dwarves, and has little knowledge of dwarven culture.

Brother Kazimir always tries to help those in need, no matter the personal cost. He will do anything to protect the temple where he served. His piety sometimes leads him to blindly trust those who profess faith in his god.

Brother Kazimir

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