Ancient Mystic


Yolric is an enigmatic figure of the Insurrection. According to the histories he played an key role in helping Raithe form the fellowship that ultimately led to the downfall of the Druin. Most sources describe him as foreign which has led some historians to believe that he was one of the High Elves returned. Others believe that he was from another plane or a patron. Others suggest he was from lands across the seas. All accounts describe him as supremely powerful in ways that no other arcane user was.

Despite playing a role in leading the main leaders of the rebellion together, all accounts note that he never participated in any battle on the side of the rebels. One memorable account from an interview with Emperor Nyphron talked about the frustration that the rebel leadership had with Yolric’s lack of participation….
Yolric was a mystery to us. I remember how insistent he was that we lay siege to Yrvenon at the beginning. Yet when we were planning and discussing how to bring his power to play I asked him directly, “are you going to help or not?” He responded, and I’ll never forget this, “My boy, I’m here for my own reasons… to observe the chaos for the permutations of order that shouldn’t be. Chaos should beget chaos so order should be drown out by all the possible other permutations of the wobble of the world. I never touch the wobble once I have it going.” I asked what the hell he was talking about and he just said, “I know you don’t” and walked out of the room. I always felt like we were being used, but he was essential at the beginning. Saved our asses a couple of times while admonishing use about “failing the test” like a father disappointed with his child. When we asked why he was doing this, he would just say, “One does not a pattern make.” Finally, Raithe was fed up and confronted him to speak plainly because no one helps like he has without some cost. He just shrugged and looked at all of us and said, “alright, you will all owe me a favor at some point in time.” I guess we felt a little better that it made a bit more sense, but after Sormrendur he disappeared.”


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