Episode 4: The Candidates Acquire a "Gnomesis"

The party begins the episode still in the Guild complex, making preparations to further investigate the students’ disappearances.

Master Iban reveals that the gem Caleb the thug wore in a pouch around his neck was a magical item of domination. Linked with another item possessed by …? Allows telepathic communication between possessor and enthralled individual. Now in Guild possession, ensconced in lead box.

Master Iban receives a scroll from a rider, stating: Zoltan the Younger, heir of Brightforge (his father is the High King of all dwarves), has claimed exclusive rights to his name, and ordered Brother Zoltan to change his. Zoltan agrees, but will take some time to choose his new identity.

Master Iban gives us 3 potions of haste/healing.

Zoltan prays over his name situation, receives the guidance: “seek the Silver Fist”

The party acquires some items (Toran intimidates the shopkeeper into a massive discount), then heads towards the Tinker’s house. On the way they meet a guard watching the area who reports that the Tinker arrived home ~3 hrs ago.

The party splits up to investigate the Tinker’s property. The find a well, down which they hear the muffled cries of struggling captives. They also investigate a barn, inside which is a shady creature who avoids light and sneaks off through a hidden door. The party decides to head down the well, hoping to achieve surprise. They clumsily fail (Toran gets to ask Zoltan, “Tell me how my ass tastes”), and end up in a full-on confrontation with the Tinker and his minions, who are attempting to drag three captives (Wes and two girls) through a portal.

The party slays one minion and the Tinker’s summoned creatures, and Toran heroically overcomes the Tinker’s magical domination (brought on by Toran’s heroic decision to pick up a shiny platinum piece the Tinker threw at his feet). However, the Tinker and one minion manage to escape through the portal, dragging Wes with them. The portal vanishes, leaving behind only the Tinker’s mocking laughter and our battered, but still standing, heroes… now nursing a murderous grudge against their new gnomish nemesis, aka: THE GNOMESIS

Episode 3: And then there were 3

After leaving the secret entrance to The Grotto and fighting the thugs placed to guard the exit, Pelaios and Brother Zoltan found themselves in the company of the castle Guard. Among them was Nigel, they all approached the adventurers and were told, most of, what happened inside of The Grotto.

Nigel, Brother Zoltan, and Pelaios all returned to Castle Hyrada with the thugs Caleb and Fred. There they were taken to the Duke and Pelais and Zoltan both recounted to the Duke what had happened inside The Grotto. After the Duke sent the thugs to the work hard labor they were in the privacy of the Dukes’ Study. There they went more into detail about what happened and what was found. When all was recounted the Duke made both Pelaios and Zoltan swear on pain of death to never speak of what was found in the cave system.

When the meeting with the Duke was done, the adventurers left his study and found waiting for them was Master Iban and Toran. A Warlock that was sent to help Pelaios and Brother Zoltan. All three went to an Inn to relax and inform of Toran of the events that had happened.

After much food and drink the adventurers went to the Guild House to sleep. After waking in the morning and eating breakfast they talked to Nigel, after he came to the Guild House, to tell them that about 20 people went missing. They were informed that disappearances have started happening more and more lately. Toran talked to Master Iban and through some investigating found that all the people missing were charges that were supposed to be sent to the Guild. Upon discovery the adventurers decided to go investigate The Tinker more.

Episode 1: The Flower of Hyrada

Having reached candidacy at the University of Shyr, Palaios and Brother Zoltan are dispatched as a Candidate Company to investigate the the case of the Duke of Hyrada’s missing daughter Merris.

They find that there was some relationship between Merris and Wes, the jeweler’s son. They find out from Wes’ twin Ainlynn that Merris was to meet Wes at a known lovers spot called the Grotto.

The PC’s investigate the grotto with Merris’ personal guard Nigel. Zoltan’s attention is drawn by the trace of magical glow from his detect magic spell and find the body of a dead Merris. Nigel takes her body back to the keep while the company continues the investigation.

They run across a grate that covers a hole leading to a cavern below. Upon close inspection the grate had arcane runes around its sides. They pursue the magical glow into the caverns below and are ambushed by three darklings. In their first real engagement they work in tandem to dispatch the foes in dramatic fashion as Palaios’ flame strike exploded the last of darklings.

They are in a conical cavern that features ledges leading up to a small opening at the ceiling 200’ above.

Exploration and pursuit
Exploring the cavern and crypt; back to sea

Monk 1: 1 magical finger ring; eyebrow rings are magical but unfamiliar
Monk 2: choker is very strong magic, again unfamiliar; staff is magical
Monk 3: eyebrow rings, again; armband.

Gregor makes sketches of our deceased foes. Chuck and I investigate the crypt structure, which is covered in pictographs telling the story of Grin (adventurer who explored where he shouldn’t, fought with and killed a god). Inside, a desk with shipping manifests in a foreign tongue, shipments to Aquesta and Tur Delfor. Also, sleeping quarters presumably for the monks. Find a magical black pearl in a lead-lined box.

Follow the cavern passageway outside. Chuck triggers a trap and dies a fiery death. We exit the cavern to observe that the Man in Black appears to have fled on horseback in the direction of Vernes. We make our way back to the ship that brought us here, book passage to Vernes for 9 gp + 9 more on arrival.

Battle with the mad monks - aftermath

Monk 1: 4 rings, 1 tonfa, 1 parchment note (unknown language), 1 pouch (60 p.t.), 1 pouch (mixed foreign specie), 5 eyebrow rings (unknown black metal, left side), 8 shuriken.
Monk 2 (mage): black metal/ceramic choker (magical), staff with fire opal, 1 ring (apparently nonmagical). Covered in tattoos, runes.
Monk 3 (bodyguard): 2 eyebrow rings (right side), armband of the same material as the mage’s choker, bandolier of 10 vials of alimentic metals (sorium, 7th lvl) and 3 vials of unknown cyan liquid, 1 pouch (10 p.t., 6 g.t.), 1 pouch mixed foreign specie, longbow, 8 arrows, 2 daggers, arm bracer. Heavily scarred from past battles.

Chuck the survivor’s tale: hired with a crew of 30, trained to sail and make night raids. Taken to sea and introduced to the Man in Black. Traveled to a bay in Calais, midnight raid through a Ghezel fleet to the shore amid a Ghezel religious ceremony; delivered the man alone, who returned after some time. Fled with the Ghezel fleet in pursuit. Man in Black had the War Chief’s token, allowing safe passage in other ports. Holed up here in the cavern for about a week, preparing for the monks’ arrival. Obvious that the Man in Black was working for them. Cleaned up the temple, waiting for the Man in Black to finish his business. Hoped to leave in a day or so.

We spare Chuck. He asks to journey with us and we permit him, after interrogating him under a truth spell. He unlocks the gates to the storage cavern, full of valuable trade goods. We grab a couple small chests of gems (1500 g.t.), Chuck locks the place back up.

The “Fang sensor” indicates the Man in Blank may have fled through the back caverns…

Episode 5: Soiree and Set Sail
Mingling and back to sea

Gregor, Pavel & Zinder attend a “celebratory” dinner party at the Governor’s mansion in Kyrn. Gregor connects with the Captain he’s been seeking and conducts some business. We also speak with the captain of the ship on which the man in black booked passage but learn little about him, other than that he appeared to be avoiding pursuers from the sea. We re-supply, then book passage on a fast sloop towards the sea cave where the Fang has been taken. During the voyage Zinder has a vision of the man in black showing the Fang to two Rhune men in unfamiliar garb and appearance, one of whom is a caster. They are inside the sea cave, which apparently contains a large mansion. Zinder awakes to a call for all hands on deck; apparently the sloop has spotted another vessel in the night. Zinder sends Grundle to investigate.

Episode 02
To Parley

The party runs into another Ghazel raiding party further up the cost that night. They are able to defeat them and capture one of the Ghazel. Under interrogation, he divulges that the Ghazel someone has stole Uberlin’s Fang and the Ghazel are trying to recover it. The mention of the Fang coincides with a dream that Zinder had. They decide to take one of the rowboats to parley with the Ghazel fleet to see if they could stop the raids.

Episode 01
And so it begins...

It has been several years since the revolution ended and Novron was installed as Emperor. Zinder has spent that time settling the land granted him by the Empire for his service in the war. Many of his peers stayed in the new capitol, Percepliquis,l to take positions in the Arcane Guild. However, that peace was interrupted when an imperial messenger arrived with a summons from the Emperor.

Zinder travelled to the Capitol and had an audience with the Nyphron. Zinder was a bit taken aback by the affection shown him by Novron in the audience chamber with so many around. Behind closed The Emperor asked Zinder to travel to Vernes to escort his representative to a clandestine meeting to organize a network of spies within Urdoru in preparation for an eventual war to liberate the Rhune of Urdoru from the tyranny of the Ghazel.

Zinder meets with Gregor Ott and his companion Pavel in Vernes and they begin their journey to the Cliff city of Kyrn. On their way they encounter a fishing village being raided by Ghazel. They defend the village and push back the Ghazel. It is apparent that they need to get to Kyrn as quickly as possible so they ride through the night.

Episode 03
Visions of the Sea


Zinder, Gregor, and Pavel approach the Ghazel flotilla by rowboat, bringing a hostage along and seeking to parlay. The hope is to forestall a land invasion, perhaps by assuring the war chief (“Shark-Tooth”) that we will seek Uberlin’s Fang and return it to the Ghazel.

- We free the captive as we approach; he cuts his own throat with Gregor’s dagger and tumbles overboard
- We board the ship under guard and speak with a captain, persuade him to let us speak with the war chief.
- War Chief and his Shaman (“The Old One of the Sea”) board, we parlay. Zinder relates his dream in a dramatic performance, asks for time to seek the Fang. He impresses the Shaman and the War Chief agrees. “Three cycles of the moon” to deliver the Fang or all hell breaks loose.
- The Shaman shows us a vision of the Black Robed Man and imparts some magic into Zinder’s body that gives him a physical sense of the Fang’s direction. We know the Black Robed Man is heading into a cave somewhere in the direction we already came.
- We’re sent back to shore in our rowboat.

- We decide that all three of us should head to Kyrn posthaste, look for magical assistance, communicate with Nyphron, and try to make some headway on our original mission.


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