Episode 02
To Parley

The party runs into another Ghazel raiding party further up the cost that night. They are able to defeat them and capture one of the Ghazel. Under interrogation, he divulges that the Ghazel someone has stole Uberlin’s Fang and the Ghazel are trying to recover it. The mention of the Fang coincides with a dream that Zinder had. They decide to take one of the rowboats to parley with the Ghazel fleet to see if they could stop the raids.

Episode 01
And so it begins...

It has been several years since the revolution ended and Novron was installed as Emperor. Zinder has spent that time settling the land granted him by the Empire for his service in the war. Many of his peers stayed in the new capitol, Percepliquis,l to take positions in the Arcane Guild. However, that peace was interrupted when an imperial messenger arrived with a summons from the Emperor.

Zinder travelled to the Capitol and had an audience with the Nyphron. Zinder was a bit taken aback by the affection shown him by Novron in the audience chamber with so many around. Behind closed The Emperor asked Zinder to travel to Vernes to escort his representative to a clandestine meeting to organize a network of spies within Urdoru in preparation for an eventual war to liberate the Rhune of Urdoru from the tyranny of the Ghazel.

Zinder meets with Gregor Ott and his companion Pavel in Vernes and they begin their journey to the Cliff city of Kyrn. On their way they encounter a fishing village being raided by Ghazel. They defend the village and push back the Ghazel. It is apparent that they need to get to Kyrn as quickly as possible so they ride through the night.

Episode 03
Visions of the Sea


Zinder, Gregor, and Pavel approach the Ghazel flotilla by rowboat, bringing a hostage along and seeking to parlay. The hope is to forestall a land invasion, perhaps by assuring the war chief (“Shark-Tooth”) that we will seek Uberlin’s Fang and return it to the Ghazel.

- We free the captive as we approach; he cuts his own throat with Gregor’s dagger and tumbles overboard
- We board the ship under guard and speak with a captain, persuade him to let us speak with the war chief.
- War Chief and his Shaman (“The Old One of the Sea”) board, we parlay. Zinder relates his dream in a dramatic performance, asks for time to seek the Fang. He impresses the Shaman and the War Chief agrees. “Three cycles of the moon” to deliver the Fang or all hell breaks loose.
- The Shaman shows us a vision of the Black Robed Man and imparts some magic into Zinder’s body that gives him a physical sense of the Fang’s direction. We know the Black Robed Man is heading into a cave somewhere in the direction we already came.
- We’re sent back to shore in our rowboat.

- We decide that all three of us should head to Kyrn posthaste, look for magical assistance, communicate with Nyphron, and try to make some headway on our original mission.


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