[Excerpt from Encyclopaedia Populus: A Compendium of the Peoples, Personalities, and Practices of Ylan (5th ed.), by Miriam Busslewickett]

The elves of Ylan have a long, glorious, and storied history; unfortunately, they are willing to share very little of it with the other races of the realm. The reader can rest assured that the author has quite literally left no stone unturned in her quest to collect any credible scrap of elven scholarship, to little avail. Those curious for more information may fare better themselves should they chance upon a friendly elf (good luck) who cares to share some memories, since the lifespan of one currently-living elf may well extend beyond the recorded histories of other races.

A few facts are beyond dispute. Elves were the founders of the Arcane Arts as we know them in Ylan, as practiced by wizards, sorcerers, and warlocks alike. Elves were in fact the only practitioners of such Arts until quite recently, in historical time. Anecdotal evidence suggests that at least some elves consider themselves direct descendants of (even, perhaps, directly related to) their racial Patron, Ferrol. Though their ancestral homeland is known to be Erivan, other details of their origins are lost to history.

Elf society is generally arranged into clans who tend to specialize in one area of expertise (e.g., the martial, arcane, divine, or performing arts; mastery of a craft; etc.).

The House of Fhrey and its descendants ruled all of Ylan for millenia. The term “Fhrey” is still commonly used to refer to elves generally, regardless of their specific ancestry.

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