[Excerpt from Encyclopaedia Populus: A Compendium of the Peoples, Personalities, and Practices of Ylan (5th ed.), by Miriam Busslewickett]

Humans are the most common and widely dispersed race in all of Ylan. Perhaps due to their shorter lifespans relative to other races, they have recovered quickly and admirably from their millenia of enslavement. Humans have adopted the arcane arts with enthusiasm, and can be found throughout the ranks of the Arcane Guild. Of course, the human fighting prowess that powered the rebellion is legendary, and humans are also well-represented in the Martial Guild.

Humans are generally accepted to have descended from the ancient king Rhune, who was enslaved by elves millenia ago. The term “Rhune” is still sometimes used to refer to humans generally. The earliest human history has been pieced together from the records of other races, since humans apparently began recording their own history much later than others.

The human racial Patron is the demi-goddess Maribor.

Humans from the kingdom of Precep, the seat of the Empire, are noticeably darker-skinned than their cousins from other regions.

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