Miriam Busslewickett

A gnomish scholar most famous for her series of Encyclopaedias, collecting knowledge on various topics of life in Ylan.

Little is known of Miriam’s life before she rose to prominence as a noted scholar and best-selling author. She is believed to have spent her younger years adventuring around Ylan as a bard, storyteller, and scribe, collecting tales from all corners of the land. Her own writings evince a deeper fascination with organizing and sharing the knowledge she gathered than in any other aspect of the adventuring life.

She was for a time Headmistress of the Bard’s College in Persepliquis, though she has since resigned that position to pursue her scholarship full-time. Several years ago, she accepted a position of great distinction as the scholar-in-residence at Emperor Nyphron’s court. Her critics, few though they may be, whisper that her scholarship has suffered since it has effectively acquired the seal of imperial approval (some say, censorship). However, there is no doubt that her access to research resources, and the distribution of her work, has grown exponentially since then.

Miriam’s notable works include:
Encyclopaedia Theologica: A Panoptic Primer on the Pantheon, Planes, and Patrons of Ylan (now in its 5th edition)
Encyclopaedia Draconica: A Detailed Description of the Development, Dynasties, and Domain of Ylan’s Dragonkin (1st ed.)
Encyclopaedia Populus: A Compendium of the People, Places, and Practices of Ylan (5th ed.)

Miriam Busslewickett

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