[Excerpt from Encyclopaedia Populus: A Compendium of the Peoples, Personalities, and Practices of Ylan (5th ed.), by Miriam Busslewickett]

Today, the peoples of Ylan co-exist mostly in harmony, thanks in large part to the heroic unification efforts of Emperor Nyphron. As even the most short-lived racial memories can attest, however, it has not always been so. Millenia ago, the mighty elven king Malmondun Miralyith of the House of Fhrey defeated and enslaved his two most powerful rivals: Rhune, leader of a kingdom of men, and Dherg, king of dwarves. The descendants of these three great Houses continued on as slavers and enslaved for centuries. The less common, more geographically isolated races (notably, gnomes, halflings, tieflings, and dragonkin) escaped direct enslavement but nonetheless suffered effects of the House of Fhrey’s brutal rule.

Recent events will be familiar to the reader: Nyphron’s valiant rebellion and the elves’ surrender, the establishment of the Empire and Grand Council. Members of all the major races now mingle freely through most of Ylan, with some notable exceptions. Nonetheless, the legacy of millenia of enslavement runs deep; even today, folk commonly use the names of the three Houses to reference generally the three races.

The principal races of Ylan:

In addition, as has been the case for most of recorded history, the coastal regions of Ylan continue to suffer the depredations of the Ghazel, a seafaring, violent race.


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