Religious Practices in Ylan

[excerpt from Encyclopaedia Theologica: A Panoptic Primer on the Pantheon, Planes, and Patrons of Ylan, 5th ed., by the gnomish scholar Miriam Busslewickett]

Religious practices in Ylan range from extreme piety to blasphemy, from zealotry to mere superstition, and everything in between. Devotion often appears to be situational; a farmer may invoke Muriel‘s blessing on his crops in the morning, Maribor’s aid against his foes, Erebus‘s absolution at night, and Saint Bane’s protection upon waking from a nightmare. Exceptions abound, of course; houses of worship in every community are operated by those who have dedicated their lives to the service of a particular deity. Too, it is not uncommon to find those who spit upon the name of any god, and take their own chances in the world.

Though folks often seek the favor of the Old Gods as a general blessing, any personal appeals are more likely to be made to the relevant Patron, as the demi-gods are generally accepted to remain closer to the Prime Material plane and are therefore more attuned to mortal concerns. Communication between the two planes occurs via the Astral plane, through prayer, dreams, and the like.

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Religious Practices in Ylan

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