The Multiverse

[excerpt from Encyclopaedia Theologica: A Panoptic Primer on the Pantheon, Planes, and Patrons of Ylan, 5th ed., by the gnomish scholar Miriam Busslewickett]

The Multiverse is comprised of planes of existence where a thing imbued with a living essence can exist. Life as we know it exists on the Prime Material plane; the Old Gods exist on the plane of Oblivion; Patrons reside on the plane of Transcendence; the Astral plane is a realm of thought and dream, permitting communication between planes; and the Ethereal plane is a reflection of the Prime and its demi-planes.

Opposing poles order existence across all planes, along two natural forces of creation and entropy, and two spiritual forces of good and evil. The Old Gods and Patrons are aligned in various positions on these spectra according to their own ideals.

Traditional theology provides that the Old Gods were responsible for creation, then fashioned the racial Patrons as intermediaries between themselves and their creations on the Prime Material plane. Over time, a number of mortals have Transcended the Prime Material plane due to their paradigmatic devotion to, or exemplification of, a particular ideal. These entities have joined the racial demi-gods as Patrons on the Transcendent plane.

The Multiverse

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