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What follows is the “official” version of Ylan’s recent history, but as with most of the tales you hear, there may well be more to the truth than what lies on the surface…

For more than 2000 years the drow of the dark forests of Erivan ruled the northern half of Ylan under the ruthless reign of House of Druin. For much of that time the drow were considered gods to the human clans and were enslaved by them. The dwarves and elves fought a losing battle to maintain their sovereignty and the other races fled or became subservient.
After centuries of simmering war with the drow, the dwarve’s numbers had dwindled. The fall of the great hold of Glomrendur caused the dwarven elders to call the retreat to their ancient labyrinths deep underground. Once again the surface would not see dwarves for hundreds of years and they became legend.

Some elves fell in line and became stewards of Druin rule, others retreated deep into the forests not to be heard from again. Some myths say that they created a magically protected realm, others say they were transported to an entirely different plane of existence. Historians all agree that their return was consequential to the overthrow of the drow.

The fall of the halfling lands of Delos to the drow precipitated a great halfling diaspora to the seas on their vast armada of ships. They were rarely seen on the continent during the Druin reign. Yet their presence was felt in the blackmarket as they brought contraband and goods from far away lands.

Under House Druin’s obsession with controlling certain lands, the drow became over extended and suffered a significant defeat during their campaign to invade Calais. This was the first step in the fall of the House Druin.

As remnants of the Druin army regrouped toward Sormrendur, they took out their anger on the villages in their path. During this scourge a prince of the House Druin was killed by a human named, the first time a drow was killed by a human. Word spread of the “Godkiller” sparking a series of events that would see the emergence of humankind as a powerful force in the war against the drow.

[[Yolric]] an ancient mystic came to the rebels to aid them. It is said that Yolric brought them knowledge, artifacts and guided them to Glom, King of the dwarves and Nyphron the leader of an elven war band forming the core of the rebellion.

The rebels emerged to liberate Yrvenon. Soon the rebels had liberated Aquesta followed by Kolnar. The rebels sustained massive casualties, losing four to five men for every drow. The Battle for Sormrendur was the deadliest for both sides and a turning point for the war since the drow had taken the former dwarven hold as their capital in the conquered lands. Nyphron and the rebels were poised to commence the battle at Beyhdir but without warning an emissary from the drow came offering peace and the drow retreated to Erivan their homeland.

It was decided that a massive wall along the border of Erivan would be built to contain the threat of the drow. Dwarves and arcane users from all races and all lands oppressed by the drow came to build the Wall, a legendary feat and demonstration of unification that would forge the new Empire.

The Ylan Empire is made up of several Kingdoms that serve on the Grand Council who elects the Emperor. The inaugural session elected Nyphron its Emperor. The years that follow are our story…


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