Episode 12 - Denizens of Chaos

After dispatching the cultists and seeing this 10-foot-tall creature stalk out of the mansion, the company readied themselves for another battle. The creature seemed to enjoy the pain the party dealt to it, getting a little upset as torn flipped it some birds and hexed it. They come to find out the creature is a babau, a denizen of the plane of Chaos.

After a short battle of wills, and a little bit of a flying dragonborn, the creature was felled by a magic missile cast by Pelaios. The babau was able to summon a smaller babau before it was brought down to try to bring down the party. This other babau stood no chance against the might of Brother Kazimir, Knight of St. Bane, and Kurgaz the Valiant.

There was a calm on the battlefield for a few short moments after both babau had vanished in purple smoke, returning to their plane of existence. After a few moments of silence Pelaios noticed someone approaching the party, semi-transparent at first but slowing becoming more solid. It was a figure with a red cloak that carried a large sword on it’s side. After some discussion and shushing of Toran, before he got eviscerated again, they came to find out the beings name: Pelaios Haas.

Pelaios was part a war council and was tricked into making a deal with the Devils of Chaos, thinking they were allying with another nation across the ocean. The deal that was made was to give the first-born of each generation to be betrothed to a devil, thus creating the race of Tiefling. Pelaios Zhermenos comes to learn that Haas is his progenitor, him being the kin of Haas. Haas tells them the reason of his appearance was to kill the beings of Chaos, as he swore an Oath of Vengeance after death to rid the world of the devils he helped unleash upon the world.

After garnering some more information about the Lords of Chaos from Haas, he bid his farewells and disappeared. The party decided to search the cultists and found the worship a Lord named Baator, the Lord of Destruction, brother to Adaxis Lord of Deceit, Malaket Lord of Madness, and Azmogath Lord of Tyranny. The party decides to keep the Amulets of Baator they found on the cultists in their Bag of Holding so that no bystander happens upon them, while Pelaios and Toran take their Staff of Holding that is made of fused bone.

All that is left for the discovering the cultists is to enter the mansion and see what awaits them inside these walls of Chaos…



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