Arcane Guild

The Arcane Guild is an officially sanctioned body of the Emperor’s Court. It represents users of both arcane and divine magic in the court and is the official sanctioning body for the trade of Ferromantic metals. The head of the Guild, The Archmage, is a direct advisor to the Emperor.

The guild’s hierarchy is composed of:

The Archmage is the head of the guild and appointed for life by the Emperor usually from candidates put forth by the Pentarch Council.

The Archmage is advised by the Pentarch Council that is composed of representatives of each of the five major Union Councils. They (Pentarchs) appointed for 50 year renewable terms and also serve as the president of their respective Unions.

The Union Councils (Councilors) are composed of six leaders elected by the each Union’s at large membership. They are appointed for 10 year terms.

The Archmage has the ability remove any and all from the Pentarch and Union Councils, however he/she may not appoint members to either Council.

Pentarchs do not run day to day activities in the guild. They are in charge of the University of Sherydon, where students are trained in the Arts. Most Pentarchs spend their time researching the deeper mysteries of the arts and have numerous Professors under them that handle the administration of education. The Pentarch Council meets twice per year on the Equinoxes. The Pentarchs deliberate on the various mandates brought forth by the Union Council for consideration and decide on specific directives for the governing of the guild.

Union Councilors are charged with taking care of the day to day duties of the guild. The Union Council has several committees that take care of the various administrative tasks and decisions set forth as directives from the Pentarch Council. Councilors are the most visible faces of the guild and political knife fighting is prevalent amongst its members.

Guild members are marked magically with an expiring tattoo that disappears in exactly one year from time of dues payment. The tattoo can be hidden at will by the bearer. The mark must be shown and verified in order to gain benefits of membership.

Role of Guild in Daily Life
It is not a requirement for any magic user to be a member of the Arcane Guild, but guild propaganda suggests the following benefits to members:
*Access to Guild Teleportation Circles – free if you cast the spell or 1.5x the Ferromantic metal cost if an attendant casts it.
*Access to Guild Artificer and related services at significantly reduced rates.
*Reduced Member’s only pricing at Guild Stores for Ferromantic metals and other supplies for the Arts.
*Access to the Sherydon University Library
*Representation at the Emperor’s Court

The dues for membership is 600 gp / annum or 6 months of service to the guild.

Recent Developments
The second election for Union Councilors is coming up and jockeying for position is starting. There is also rumors of a “Divine Caucus” forming that might secede from the guild and petition for its own Guild Writ from the Emperor.

Arcane Guild

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