[Excerpt from Encyclopaedia Populus: A Compendium of the Peoples, Personalities, and Practices of Ylan (5th ed.), by Miriam Busslewickett]

A violent Seafaring race that rule the Bahran and Ghazel Seas and swaths of the Ulzatin Ocean.

They generally taller than humans (6’-6" – 7’-6") and broad of shoulder. They have a range of body shapes but are generally lean and muscular. Their skin is smooth with patches of hard generally circular keratin plates along their spine that continues as a strip up and over the top of their head. The plates are also found at their elbows and leading edge of their forearms as well as their knees and shins. The coloring of their skin is usually of darker tones in ranges from tans to olive greens with distinctive patterns in a range of colors. The patterns are within a patch that is roughly triangular shaped with the tip starting at their belly and expanding along the medial line up an over their shoulders and then collapsing to a point again between the shoulder blades.

They generally dress in skins of aquatic animals adorned with shells, coral and teeth. Their weapons are often made from Marlin spikes, saw shark nose, whale bone or other sea creatures bones and teeth.

Legend says that Erebus gave Uberlin the Ghazel to learn responsibility and empathy. However, Uberlin’s attentions twisted them into vicious creatures that wreaked havoc on the other races. As punishment Muriel punished Uberlin and banished the Ghazel to the Bahran Isles where their violence would be less bothersome. Uberlin was not pleased and presented his children with the knowledge of shipbuilding. After protestations from the other gods about the ships, Muriel instilled in the Ghazel a hatred of land so that they would prefer to stay in the seas and oceans rather than push deep into the lands of Ylan. Now they roam the seas and have created floating villages.


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