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Welcome to Ylan, where the adventurer may find tales from a buried and forgotten past. Please visit the Wiki for links to the people, places, planes, pantheons, and puzzles therein.

What follows is the “official” version of Ylan’s recent history, but as with most of the tales you hear, there may well be more to the truth than what lies on the surface…

For more than 2000 years the drow of the dark forests of Erivan ruled the northern half of Ylan under the ruthless reign of House of Druin. For much of that time the drow were gods to the Rhune clans of humans and the dwarves and other elves fought a losing battle to maintain their sovereignty while the other races fled or became subservient.

After 100 years of simmering war with the drow, the dwarves numbers had dwindled. The fall of the great fortress Drumindor caused the dwarven elders to call the retreat to their ancient labyrinths deep underground. Once again the surface would not see dwarves for hundreds of years and they became legend to the Rhune clans.

Other elves fell in line and became stewards of Druin rule.

The fall of Delos to the drow saw the halflings flee to the sea on their vast armada of ships. They were rarely seen on the continent during the Druin reign. Yet their presence was felt in the blackmarket as they brought contraband and goods from far away lands.

Under House Druin’s obsession with controlling certain lands, the drow became over extended and suffered a significant defeat during their campaign to invade Calais. This was the first step in the fall of the House Druin.

As remnants of the Druin army retreated toward Erivan, they took out their anger on the villages in their path. One of the oppressed, Raithe, fought back and killed a prince of the House Druin, starting a series of events that would throw the Ylan into chaos. The drow regrouped and retaliated with a vengeance and gore meant to dissuade the disobedience, but it had the opposite effect. While human lives are short, generations of oppression forged, in many, diamond hard wills bent on the overthrow of their oppressors.

Rebels led by Raithe and the widow of a chieftain, Persephone, set up in the Maw, A treacherous canyon rumored to have no bottom and said to lead directly to the Uberlin’s throne. It is there, while battling a tribe of goblins, that Persephone and Raithe were aided by Yolric an ancient elven mystic with incredible powers. Yolric led them to meet Glom, King of the dwarves and Nyphron, Cenzylor and Techylor, and other outcast drow on the run. This unlikely alliance formed core of the rebellion.

The rebels emerged from the Maw to retake the Dithmar Valley. The dwarves, led by Glom remerged near Drumindor to reclaim their land. Soon the rebels had liberated the Bylmar plains followed by Kolnara and the Bernum bottomlands. The rebels sustained massive casualties, losing four to five men for every drow.. Raithe was lost in the Battle of Yrvenon. The drow lost at Avempartha and retreated across the Nidwalden River into Erivan to regroup. Nyphron and the rebels were poised to invade Erivan, the drow homeland.

Before the invasion of Erivan commenced the House of Druin sent an emissary to the Rebels offering the Nyphron the opportunity to challenge the House of Druin for the rule of the drow, which he agreed to. The two days before the challenge was to take place, King Druin was assassinated and a very young Prince Mawyndule assumed the the throne unprepared to rule or fight a seasoned Nyphron. Their battle was short as Mawyndule was just a boy, but Nyphron spared his life and signed a treaty that would keep the drow in Erivan. Dwarves built a massive wall along the border of Erivan and what is now the Empire.

The Ylan Empire is made up of several Kingdoms that serve on the Grand Council who elects the Emperor. The inaugural session elected Nyphron its Emperor.

That is where our story begins…

*This campaign is heavily influenced by the world of the Riyria novels by Michael J. Sullivan, but set 1000 years before the novels. The house magic system is inspired by the Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn books. Significant creative license has been taken.

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