Magic System

Arcane magic differs from divine magic in that it requires the use of specific alchemical reagents that are ingested. These elements are in the form small vials called “slots” of powdered reagents suspended in liquid. They get their name, “slots”, because of the way they are typically carried in a leather case with multiple “slots”. Each of the nine reagents has an inherent ability to channel magic of a certain strength.

The practice of arcane magic at its highest levels is a dangerous endeavor as many of the Almantic reagents can be addictive and have side-effects.

Addiction Fort DC Satiation Damage
Negligible 2 5 day 1d4-3 Con (Can be 0)
Low 6 10 days 1d4-2 Con
Medium 10 5 days 1d4-2 Con 1d4-3 Wis
High 14 2 days 1d4 Con, 1d4-2 Wis, 1d4-3 Str
Extreme 25 1 day 1d6 Dex, 1d6 Wis, 1d6 Con
Vicious 36 1 day 1d6 Dex, 1d6 Wis, 1d6 Con, 1d6 Str

Max Level Metal – Guild MemberSlotCost/NonMember*__
Aller (2)
Addiction DC: 2, Negligible
Side Effects:
Alchemy DC:
Cost: 3 gp / 1gp Guildmember

3 Vegris – – 5 gp / 15 gp
3 Trisal – – 10 gp / 30 gp
4 Yutril – – 20 gp / 60 go
6 Iller – – 40 gp / 120 gp
8 Emnix – – 5 gp / 15 gp
7 Alluris – – 150 gp / 450 gp
9 Xeyric – Common(Higly Controlled) – 300 gp / 900 gp
9 Croll – Abundant; Extremely toxic – 600 gp / 2000 gp

Ferromantic Feats
Ferromantic Focus

Cultural Implications
The Ferromantic economy was the spark of the Metal War between the Dherg and Fhrey over 600 years ago. The Dherg insisted to renegotiate the trade agreements and the Fhrey refused. In retaliation the Dherg stopped supplying Ferromantic metals. The Fhrey prospected for their own mines but were unable to find veins of adequate quantity. As their reserves dwindled the Fhrey went to war to secure supplies. The war ended with the Fhrey victorious, the Dherg retreating deep underground for centuries and the Rhune enslaved to work the mines.

Now the Emperor tightly controls the mines and the trade of Ferromantic metals. The Arcane guild is the only legitimate source for the metals, but a thriving black market has developed. Recently, the Emperor has severely restricted the supply of Furium and Aetium much to the chagrin of the Pentarchs of the Arcane Guild.

Magic System

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