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Note: the information in these pages was collected from the best available sources of lore, much of it from the learned treatises of the famed scholar Miriam Busslewickett. Nonetheless, the work of even the greatest historians can make no claim to perfect objectivity. The discerning reader is therefore encouraged to pursue his or her own research, and take what lies within these pages with a grain, perhaps more, of salt.

Major Races:

Major Organizations:

Major Cities:

  • Preceptor – imperial capital under construction, in the Kingdom of Precep
  • Hyrada – new city in the Kingdom of Yrvenon, rich with trade in Almental metals

The Multiverse
Religious Practices in Ylan

The Old Gods:
Erebus: Neutral, God and Avatar of Justice
Muriel: Goddess and Avatar of Creation
Uberlin: God and Avatar of Entropy



House Rules:

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