[excerpt from Encyclopaedia Theologica: A Panoptic Primer on the Pantheon, Planes, and Patrons of Ylan, 5th ed., by the gnomish scholar Miriam Busslewickett]

The Sparrow, Mother of the Five Grains, The Farmer’s Champion
Category: Patron (racial)
Pole of alignment: Creative Good
Plane of existence: Transcendence
Emblems: sparrow; hand plow/polearm

Maribor is the racial Patron of Humans in Ylan. Generally understood to be one of the last racial Patrons created by the Old Gods, Maribor is often presented as younger than her fellow Patrons, in common with the relative youth of the short-lived race she personifies. Maribor is often closely associated with Muriel – in some mythologies, presented as her daughter – and is similarly aligned along the metaphysical spectra of good/evil, creation/entropy.

Maribor has been variously represented throughout recorded history as male or female; however, in recent centuries her iconography appears to have become exclusively female. Maribor has also become strongly associated with agriculture; some say this is because humans were used primarily as farm stock during their millennia of enslavement under the House of Fhrey; others claim that humans took to farming earlier and more effectively than any other race in Ylan, pre-dating their enslavement, innovating and developing agriculture as we know it.

Maribor’s unique emblem, an image of a hand plow fashioned into a sharpened polearm, represents the dual nature of Maribor as both nurturer and champion. The Church of Maribor claims that this emblem was derived from weapons secretly developed by human rebels during their enslavement. Paladins and clerics of Maribor may still be found throughout Ylan wielding such weapons with pride, to devastating effect.

How one interprets Maribor’s other common emblem, a sparrow, says much about how one views humans in general. To most elves, and some of humans’ other long-lived cousins, the sparrow represents humans’ central nature as flighty, impulsive, lacking patience and focus. To proud followers of Maribor, the sparrow represents speed, adaptation, cunning, an ability to survive and thrive anywhere. Many folks, regardless of race, interpret the sight of a host of sparrows to be an excellent omen.

Maribor’s oldest church, and holiest site, can be found in a small, lush valley nestled deep in the ________ Mountains, called The Cradle. The Church of Maribor claims this to be the location where humans first appeared in the Prime Material plane. It is a pilgrimage destination for the hardy, and hosts a seminary for Maribor’s most dedicated warrior-priests.

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